What’s Happening in Germany?

by jonnywhitlam

On the U-Bahn

Not being unemployed and sat around at my parents house back in England slowly growing into more and more of a loser has been great (yeah, I only put the interesting parts of my life on here). But it has meant that I’ve somewhat neglected this blog and twitter over the past week.

How life gets in the way, eh?

A view of the Fernsehturm from Frankfurter Tor in the former East.

Well, Berlin’s going quite well! I’ve barely had any time for photos either. I’ve been training as a tour guide and learning all about the sites, Brandenburg Gate, Fernsehturm, Gendarmenmarkt etc. I’m limited as to what fun facts I can post here by some contract I signed, and I can’t say I want my brand new bosses to find this online and demand I edit it…or sack me. This would be bad.

S-Bahn Station at the Brandenburg Gate. Bit abstract for me!

The tours look fun though! As a blogger and shameless self promoter you’ve probably already gathered that I’m a bit of an attention seeker, so the job seems perfect to me. As anyone that follows me on Twitter will have gathered the only thing that’s been holding me back (moan, moan, moan… apologies!) is that I’m yet to find somewhere to live, but I think I’m on to something. Won’t find out for a couple of days.

Karl Marx Allee, a prime example of Communist Architecture. This pic doesn't really show it at its' best, though.

I’m incredibly excited though, living in Berlin is so exciting to me, the history is so diverse here, and it has changed the face of the world, positively and negatively. That, and anything to do with the Cold War instantly has me hooked. However Berlin is so much more than this, the whole city is constantly changing, there’s always something new around the corner, and right now it feels impossible to really discover it all. So in contrast to this, the weird thing is I’m really looking forward to getting settled…but only so that I can devote any spare minute to seeing what Berlin really has to offer for a Berliner.

P.S. I used a different method to get the photos up here, sorry if the quality isn’t the same.

Rain the concrete blocks of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.